An Unintended Internship

Oplomachus nunc es, fueras opthalmics ante.

Fecisti medicus quod facis oplomachus.<sup>1</sup>

Marcus Valerius Martialis was a Roman poet from modern-day Calatayud.

He was also the original insult comic. Even a loose translation should suffice to make the case.

You’re a gladiator now — you were a doctor before.

The scalpel prepared you well for the sword.

1. Martial, Epig. 8.74


The Great Migration

Tl;dr: This image probably has more to say to you than anything below.

I’ve managed to find the time to get back into computer science lately.

I’ve taken a long break from both programming and algorithms, but am happy to say I’ve finagled enough time into my schedule to make meaningful inroads into my studies.

I have the ever-unpredictable vicissitudes of life to thank for the convenient circumstances. Partially out of interest and largely out of necessity, I’ve begun to try my hand at web design and development.

Why not, I reason, go the extra marathon mile and learn it all?

It’s all pertinent to my academic interests in computational neuroscience and linguistics, as well. A more complete confluence I’d be hard-pressed to find.

Today I’ll be learning to tango with Django and starting through the Algorithm Design Manual. With luck, I’ll finish my review soon enough: It’ll be exciting to embark on new material.

In Response to a Misunderstanding

Major “Scientific” magazine won’t share the fact that pesticide usage has increased since the inception of GMOs. “We’re concerned about backlash from our members and potentially getting into a battle with the GMO industry.” ~ Food Babe’s FB page, representative of typical social network drivel

“We’re concerned about . . . Potentially getting into a battle with the GMO industry” is anything but grounds to attack Science.

Their deference to industry is not out of respect; they simply realize that they have nothing near the budget to resist being shut down by corporations of that size should they decide to take offense.

Leveling barbs at Science and Nature for a failure to realize that they do not have the luxury of operating in an editorial vacuum does little to bolster confidence in the legitimacy of the anti-GMO case, even if it might be legitimate.

As Bronner himself said — as quoted in this article, no less — “Science and Nature magazines, like the scientific enterprise in general, are not above the fray.” That has everything to do with the hands that control the flow of cash and little with the “enterprise” itself.

Pull the trigger on the right folks if you want to effect change. Otherwise, all you are is a groomed black sheep: Proudly against the grain, but a sheep, nonetheless.

This is response to general criticisms of Science and Nature levied by “activists”, themselves in response to those magazines’ rejection of an advertorial by an essay-advertorial by David Bronner, CEO of Dr Bronner´s Magic Soaps. It is better suited for my blog than as a direct response.

I won’t detail my own views, here. They’re more complicated than can be detailed in a short aside to a short blog post — as they very well should be. Suffice to say, I’m farther to the left than you, and I love the soap.

A pinch of irony

Anyone who’s ever written anything understand the special frustration of dealing with an unresponsive blank page.

Most of the time, “I’ve got nothing” makes for a much better post than whatever else I’d come up with.

I’m glad to report that I won’t have to leave it at that. That would just leave you with the nasty taste of wasted time in your mouth.

Instead, I have this wonderful clip featuring cinematographer Frederick Elmes, which made its way onto my Facebook news feed the other day. It’s gems like this that make that site worth it.

I share it here for you to enjoy. Maybe I’ll comment later.


I hate plugs. But this one feels forgivable.

I’ve taken up photography (again) lately. I’ve decided to go ahead and include Instagram alongside traditional digital.

Why not, I say. Mobile allows me to be a whole lot less anal than I normally am.

And who doesn’t want less anal.

Well . . .

Follow me here, if you’d like.

I’ll have the rest of my portfolio up and running in the near future.