The Great Migration

Tl;dr: This image probably has more to say to you than anything below.

I’ve managed to find the time to get back into computer science lately.

I’ve taken a long break from both programming and algorithms, but am happy to say I’ve finagled enough time into my schedule to make meaningful inroads into my studies.

I have the ever-unpredictable vicissitudes of life to thank for the convenient circumstances. Partially out of interest and largely out of necessity, I’ve begun to try my hand at web design and development.

Why not, I reason, go the extra marathon mile and learn it all?

It’s all pertinent to my academic interests in computational neuroscience and linguistics, as well. A more complete confluence I’d be hard-pressed to find.

Today I’ll be learning to tango with Django and starting through the Algorithm Design Manual. With luck, I’ll finish my review soon enough: It’ll be exciting to embark on new material.